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Company audits

Statutory audits
We are approved by Chartered Accountants Ireland as a statutory audit firm and provide full auditing services to ensure compliance with statutory obligations for companies that meet certain size criteria.

We design and implement our audit plans and tests to ensure that we respond to shareholders and management concerns and to provide valuable feedback to stakeholders on the company’s performance.

As part of our auditing processes we seek to address concerns of management and ensure compliance with accounting and auditing standards and company regulations.

rgr partners offers a hassle free service to our clients ensuring all statutory requirements are complied with enabling the client to concentrate on their business. rgr partners take an active interest in all aspects of our clients business and aim to assist them in running and growing their business. We aim to minimise the amount of time that the owner manager dedicates to administration, bookkeeping and accounting functions. Our clients range from incorporated small, medium and large enterprises, professionals, management companies, individuals, farmers and sole traders based all over Ireland.

Non-statutory audits
We also provide audit services for many non-statutory engagements to comply with the respective regulations relating to solicitors, auctioneers, travel agents and insurance intermediaries.

Our services here encompass designing and implementing procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities in the various sectors. As part of our routines we also seek to provide valuable feedback to owner/managers of performance and on compliance with their various obligations.

Our expertise in audit areas cover businesses in the following sectors:

  • Construction and property development
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Licensed trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Motor dealers
  • Professionals including:
    • Solicitors
    • Doctors
    • Auctioneers
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Travel agencies

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