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Our consultancy services encompass many different problems and issues that arise for our clients. Our key consultancy areas are as follows:

Business consultancy
We provide specialist services which include review of the operations of our client’s businesses leading to advice on restructuring, profitability and management efficiency issues. We also provide assistance with regard to the purchase, sale or break-up of businesses. We examine and identify various business continuity issues including planning for loss of key personnel etc. We provide a comprehensive service to business start-ups, advising on various regulatory issues, registration and accounting systems.

Other consultancy
We provide a range of accounting and forensic accounting services covering calculation of losses arising in respect of insurance claims/litigation, advising on financial implications of marital breakdown leading to legal separation and/or divorce. We also have experience in attendance at court cases as expert witnesses in respect of loss claims and family law situations.

Corporate finance
Our services in this area cover assistance in the preparation of business plans and financial projections, in order to assess business and financing requirements into the future. We also provide assistance on grant applications and various re-structuring issues for corporate entities.

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