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Personal taxation
We provide a range of services to meet our clients personal taxation needs, covering routine compliance work ensuring deadlines are met for the filing of tax returns and providing advice for personal tax planning opportunities.

Corporate taxation
For our corporate clients we ensure our client companies comply with their obligations for filing corporation tax returns by the appropriate dates. We also attend to ancillary returns for companies including Form 46G, Dividend Withholding Tax returns etc. Our advisory services in this area cover various tax planning situations and advising on efficient tax structures.

Capital taxes
We attend to all matters arising in respect of capital gains tax and capital acquisitions tax. Our advisory services include assessing and reviewing capital tax implications for our clients and how best to plan for those liabilities should they arise.

Indirect taxes (VAT, PAYE)
We provide assistance to our clients in respect of complying with their VAT and PAYE/PRSI obligations. We provide a reminder service in respect of important returns annually e.g. P35 returns, and assist with these returns if required. We also provide special advice in these areas including advices on VAT and property transactions in particular.

Revenue audit
We provide a comprehensive service to our clients in pre-planning when a revenue audit has been initiated. We also provide assistance and attendance at the revenue audit meetings and will negotiate and finalise a settlement of outstanding taxes should this arise.

Estate / succession planning
We provide a continual review of our clients’ requirements as regards estate and succession planning to ensure the orderly transfer of business and other assets from generation to generation. We engage in detailed discussion of the tax implications arising from our clients’ requirements with regard to transferring assets and provide a comprehensive plan to manage the tax exposures arising from such transfers.

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